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Terror on Trial

Terror on Trial

A SEAL team is ambushed deep in the mountains of Afghanistan trying to capture the terrorist known as “The Banker”.

The team members are thought dead, but LT CMDR Jose Carmona survives and is captured and placed in a cave to be held and interrogated.

Carmona is imprisoned with two others and leads them to freedom through a daring escape.

The United States President decides to begin closing Guantanamo Prison and start holding Terror Trials on U.S. soil.

The U.S. citizenry and some members of the President’s cabinet are against the trials. Some take measures in their own hands to stop them.

A legal team that is involved in the first terror trial disappears. The demands for their release made by terrorists came at a steep price, one that even the President can’t accept.

Carmona returns to the U.S. to try to discover how his team was set up in Afghanistan, but he has to help his father first, who was hospitalized after a vicious attack.

The search for his father’s attackers leads him into another ambush, the results send him into a collision course with an unbelievable discovery that sends the reader where the lines are drawn in the war against terror.

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