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A funny thing happened on the way to the interview

I’m pretty sure that the majority of the world has no idea who I am, and frankly it’s been tough to get my arms around Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Social Media in general to introduce myself.

I reached a milestone this past Sunday relating to figuring out how everything is supposed to work in the realm of self promotion via the internet. See something happened to me that opened my eyes.

I like many others have ventured out in the world of writing, and as of this date I’ve written 12 novels. Yes I, John Boyd accomplished that. Now I’m the first to admit I’m not Ernest Hemmingway but he and I have something in common. You ask what? The obvious answer is you both have written novels, wrong. It goes deeper than that.

I was asked to be interviewed for the launch of a self defense video based one of my books. Of course I accepted. See, I write in the action adventure genre. You probably could also say international thriller, and most of my stories revolve around Special Forces, Seals, Rangers, Delta Force, etc. So the self defense video demonstrates the same self defense and offense that the special force personnel are taught, and my characters employ.

So my interview was set for this past Sunday, and to say the least I was excited to see one of my stories get some publicity. I traveled to the Sports Club that the group had rented to be interviewed, and made it there on time. On the way my head was spinning with what I would say about me, the book and such. Frankly, I was scared realizing that all my hard work of writing was maybe going to pay off. Someone wanted to interview me.

I wasn’t sure at the time what I was scared about; hell I’d been trying to market my books, and myself for some time with little or no success. I’m comfortable speaking with people so that wasn’t the cause for the fear. It was something else.


Yes I was afraid of succeeding not failing. On top of that there was something else that was amiss.

I walked into the big exercise room where the camera, set and a bunch of people were milling around, and I froze.

Again you don’t know me but I don’t freeze. But I froze, and I froze because everyone in the room turned and looked in my direction when the person responsible for the event turned, and said,”Oh great everybody the authors here”.

I almost turned around to see who he was talking to, but luck was on my side when I just stood there, and smiled and acted natural. See it was the first time anyone had called me an author.

Up until that moment I was just another person who likes to write. That moment also caused me to make a decision to accept that I am an author; maybe not famous yet, or ever. But no one can take that moment away from me.

I went through with the interview, nervous, stuttering and stammering but made it. Looks like the video and my book will launch in the next few weeks. Not sure what’s going to happen but I’m no longer afraid to succeed in the literary world, where I’ve felt like an outsider without the key to the door, or the secret password into the exclusive club.

I now realize I have the key. I’m an author, and the balls in my court to pass the word. So watch out world! Author John Boyd is ready.

Check out John Boyd at www.johnboydbooks.com, and look for the launch of Isla Lacra coming soon through Telemachus Press available now as an eBook, and soon in print.

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