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President Obama, Guantanamo, Terrorists, CIA, Torture, Water boarding, War Machine Funding

That grouping of nouns was what I used to try and answer a question that bothered me for some time.  Why isn’t the prison at Guantanamo Cuba closed?

Remember this statement and promise by our then President elect Barak Obama?

President Obama signed the executive order January 22, 2009, requiring that the Guantanamo Bay facility be closed within a year.

Here’s a link to a New York Times article picturing the President signing that order: (Click Here)

Well, I remember those moments and at times I get a little frustrated.  This blog is not about bashing another politician over broken promises.  There is enough of that to go around; actually more than I care to listen to.

A year ago I used those nouns listed above with a few thousand others, along with other parts of speech. And put my thoughts down on paper on what possible reason Guantanamo Bay was still open.

That journey led down some interesting paths that I’ve decided to share.  Now I may not have the definitive answer as why the prison at Guantanamo wasn’t closed. My thoughts might raise more questions than answers.  Still I think it is a worthy topic because the Guantanamo Prison operation and planned closing, got a fair amount of air time in the mainstream media, with hundreds of talking heads spewing their opinions.

Why is Guantanamo still open?  Money is the answer of course. With a little bit of power, ego, politics, and potential rear-end covering thrown in for good measure.

Have I got your attention? This is important.

I believe that in our current U.S. economic situation; a symbolic closing of Guantanamo, and moving detainees around to other prisons would be devastating.  Why?

(A) The election season is upon us, and nobody is clean in the Guantanamo mess.  The cost of moving detainees, and then holding trials on U.S. soil under federal laws, is incredibly expensive.

(B) With the rights afforded under U.S. laws to each detainee; what secrets do they hold that our government can’t afford to be exposed?

I’m not some kind of conspiracy theorist, or for that matter, believe that closing Guantanamo is smart.  If you have ever read one of my novels it is pretty clear where I stand on people who try to do bad things against the U.S., or its citizens.

What I am; an inquisitive author who sometimes let’s his imagination run wild.  In this case however, I don’t think I’m far off with my view of Guantanamo. And the tale I spun in “Terror on Trial“; trying to figure out what connects the nouns in this post’s title.

Go ahead and download a copy of the novel, and let me know what you think!



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