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When do you know that you’ve got it right?

Is it a feeling?  Is it an accolade from a stranger with no vested interest in your well being?  Is it tangible?  Fame, fortune?

Of course I’m talking about happiness …

I believe each of us on this planet is searching for it, in one form or another.  If you’ve made it this far let me tell you a story.

A few years ago I had reached a low point in my life where I was lost without direction or a plan.  I remember the exact moment when I made the decision not to accept the rut I had put myself in.

It was when I woke up on my fifty-first birthday and said, “no more”.  That day I sat at a desk and began to write my first novel “Twisted Fate”, and my life has not been the same since.  You might ask why; many people write novels.  I agree it is not a feat like coming up with a cure of a disease that will better mankind.  What it was for me was just as important on a personal level, because it brought life back into focus.

Before that day I’d never written anything longer than a love letter to my wife Mariana, and to her chagrin at times they were too short.  I never had a desire to write a book before that day.  In fact if you’d asked me the previous day if I ever I would, I’d have told you your crazy.  Not me.  No way!

That day I sat down and began to write a story with paper and pencil as my weapons, and I’m sure critics will probably say assaulted the English language.  But I didn’t care what anyone thought, it was mine.  I didn’t begin to write that first novel with anything in mind but completing it, then putting it away.  I had no expectations because I’d never done anything like that before. I was venturing into the unknown.

The day I finished it I did exactly what I said I’d do and put it away exhausted and empty.  I went to sleep that night sure I couldn’t write another, I’d given the task my all.  In the middle of the night I shot straight up in my bed, and a second tale appeared in my head. And then it hit me.

I had just completed a story of one hundred thousand words and no one else in the history of mankind had ever placed those words in the exact order I had before, no one!

The feeling of accomplishment and happiness that moment gave me is the reason I’ve now completed twelve novels, and getting ready to start the next.  That’s my; When you’ve got it right moment.  What’s yours?

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