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Why Eliminating FARC Still Matters

The recent escape of Colombian Police Sgt. Luis Alberto Erazo from the ugly clutches of FARC was inspiring, and should not be a  just news blurb or tweet – then off the world’s radar and forgotten.

Having lived in Colombia and being married to a Colombian, I have seen the destruction and human misery the FARC cause first hand.

On February 7, 2003 my wife and I were in our apartment in Bogotá only blocks away from the bombing of El Club Nogal.  On that eve a car containing 200 kg of explosives was detonated on the third floor parking area of the multi-story building.  36 People were killed that night with more than 200 injured from the FARC’s terrorist act.

We felt the blast blocks away, and were shocked at the death and destruction when we saw the damage the next day.

My wife and I were both sadden at the time, and honestly afraid for not only our safety and the safety of our loved ones living in Colombia; but for all the innocent victims that groups like the FARC target.

That event has never left my consciousness for very long, and it was that event which caused me to write my first novel, “Twisted Fate”.  Most of that novel takes place in Colombia and describes the Club Nogal disaster.  The writing of that novel, and the other five in the Robert Davis series have been my way of combating the FARC.  Each story is about unsung heroes like Luis Alberto Erazo.

I hope we never forget the sacrifices men and women like him make.  I won’t.

John Boyd
Twisted Fate

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