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Blood Ransom

Blood Randsom

Blood Ransom is a fast paced novel that begins when Raul Santos is released from federal prison after a fourteen year sentence. In the parking lot upon his release he is met by a tearful mother and sister that hand him a note that his ex-partner Fabio Montoya, the leading drug transporter for Columbian cocaine had kidnapped his two sons.

The ransom is 150 million dollars in gold that only Raul Santos knows the location of, hiding it hours before his arrest off the Columbian Coast fourteen years earlier. He is given seven days to deliver the gold in exchange for their lives.

The two bothers learn that the binds of blood are strong and fight for survival as their estranged father fights for their release.

Robert Davis, the ex-Special Forces General and now business tycoon is asked by his mother, who is a friend of Raul Santos’ mother, to find him and her grandsons. Davis and his group, a secret company called “Rescue”, take on the task to find the three. They are unknowingly drawn into the FARCS web, besides Raul Santos and his sons’ abduction, the U.S. Border Control System “Medusa” is owned by one of Robert Davis’s companies.

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