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Sword of Islam

Sword of Islam

Beginning at the burning at the stake of the last Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay in 1314 – takes a secret to his death; the Sword of Islam.

The Sword, made by the prophet Mohammed at the direction of the Angel Gabriel in the 7th Century, contains something that could turn modern religion on its ear.

The search for the Sword continues for centuries until it is discovered by accident.

Robert Davis’ two sons are playing for Colombia in soccer’s World Cup – one son was adopted from Rio de Janeiro years earlier. Now he returns to Rio to play in soccer’s biggest event in the world’s largest soccer stadium, Maracana. Unknown to anyone in his family, their adopted son is connected to the Sword and the Sword to him.

Robert Davis must find the Sword to save his son and the lives of hundreds of thousands attending the World Cup.

The story intertwined between fiction and reality will keep the reader deciding whether to cry, laugh or cheer.

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