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Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate
International Thriller Draws on author John Boyd’s International Experience

Major Robert Davis has almost captured Bin Laden. He’s rescued the U.S. President’s son from kidnappers and met with the Castro brothers to prevent a war between the U.S. and Cuba. Now, with his Columbian-born mother recovering from a heart attack, all he wants is to resign from military intelligence and help her with the family’s international manufacturing company. And then the President calls.

In John Boyd’s debut thriller, TWISTED FATE, Davis—the only person to have found Bin Laden—must travel to Columbia on a black mission to stop a planned terrorist attack on the U.S. by the revolutionary FARC and its secret leader, Gilberto Rodriquez. Supported by Bin Laden’s organization, Rodriquez has the attack plan in motion, but he has not counted on Robert Davis. With the help of his brother and team, including a nerdy genius with a sophisticated tracking device, Robert races against time, with his life—and the life of the woman he loves—at stake.

“Rich with details and author integrity. This book pulls you into a world of intrigue, secrets and danger. Robert Davis is the perfect blend of sex appeal and courage.”

–Thriller novelist Bonnie Hearn Hill

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