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Ultimate Deception

Ultimate Deception

The follow up to “Twisted Fate,” days following the daring rescues and turning the FARC leaders over to the FBI the U.S. President decides to relocate the FARC leader to Guantanamo Bay, CUBA.

The FARC leader and team transporting him are all killed. Only a select few in the United States and Columbian governments knew of the capture. The President tasked Davis and his team to discover the source of the leak that led to the deaths.

Davis and team take on the job knowing that it had to be someone high up in one or both governments. While agreeing to the mission, Davis also tries to keep a promise to his future sister-in-law who was held captive for more than eleven years by the FARC, “to find the other hostages held by the FARC in the Columbian jungles.”

The story is fast paced that leads to a deadly confrontation and the reader to different areas of the globe.

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